Civic Forum, Spring 2023

Our Civic Forums take place yearly to look at urban and design topics that are of particular relevance to Houston and its region. As such, Civic Forums look to provide an open forum to discuss and analyze timely topics that are affecting Houstonians, but which also have a larger national and international relevance. 

From flood control and resiliency, to transportation, environmental justice, neighborhood equity or a critical analysis of the effects of climate change, Civic Forums take on controversial topics to bring different points of view around the table.

Every year, we invite local experts and leaders to present and frame globally the impact of their work through a critical lens that can inspire others to understand the intricate and complex urban policies that regulate all aspects of our built environment.

The discussion, connections, and follow ups that they generate are deeply rooted in the belief that our city’s example can lead the discussion around some of the most challenging urban topics happening today, in an effort to identify new models for other cities around the world grappling with equally challenging social, economic, and urban scenarios.

Black and white photograph of child in a sculpture

Civic Forum 2022: Texas is Urban

That Texas is urban is beyond doubt. Its cities are some of the largest in the country, and they are complicated in ways that defy simple narratives. As the RDA turns fifty, it cannot turn away from its role at the center of design advocacy in Texas. But to continue exploring how we will develop our cities in the coming decades, we will need your participation. Join us.