April 11, 2019
Catherine Callaway
Catherine Callaway

Congratulations to Catherine Callaway, recently named the 2019 Ben Brewer Young Architect by the American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter. As noted by in a profile of her on the Kirksey Architecture website, Callaway has been a leader with the Rice Design Alliance since her days as a student at the University of Houston:

"Catherine’s architecture career began later than most, at age 30, upon graduating from the University of Houston with a Master of Architecture. At UH, she served as the Student Representative to the Board of Directors for the Rice Design Alliance (RDA). This monthly connection to the leaders of the local A/E/C community introduced her to a diverse group of people who cared about making Houston a better place to live. Involvement in RDA, AIA, and other local organizations has enriched Catherine’s daily work by pulling her away from her desk to grow her network and collaborate with others."

The article also includes the following quote:

“For me, Catherine embodies the kind of leadership I’d like to see in our city’s future: leadership that is fueled by intelligence, empathy, and generosity.”

–Sarah M. Whiting
Dean, School of Architecture, Rice University