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abandoned row houses in Baltimore Maryland
Architecture, Design, Environment, Housing, Infrastructure, Interview, Land Use Regulation, Landscape, Urban Planning, Urbanism

OWNED: A Tale of Two Americas

July 3, 2020
Jack Murphy
Post Oak construction. Courtesy Uptown.
Public Space, Public Transit, Urban Planning

When Democracy Fails to Pay for Public Life Quasi-Government Steps Up: An Interview with Alex Garvin

September 4, 2018
Andrew Albers
Environment, Houston, Landscape, Public Space, Urban Planning

Bayou Greenways Bike Tour: Lessons in Urban Design on Brays Bayou

July 27, 2018
Raj Mankad
Environment, Landscape, Public Space, Urban Planning

Martin Luther King Boulevard Beautification Pop-Up Charrette: A Response by Irene Vázquez

July 19, 2018
Irene Vazquez
Land Use Regulation, Landscape, Urban Planning

Houston After Harvey in a Global Context: An Interview with Naomi Hanakata

April 26, 2018
Andrew Albers
Environment, Housing, Urban Planning

Architects Grapple with the Design of a More Resilient Houston: A Report by Julie Hendricks

April 24, 2018
Julie Hendricks
Environment, Landscape, Urban Planning

An Even Trade: Why the Dutch Can Both Teach and Learn from Houston about Designing for Flood Resilience

December 8, 2017
Nikki Brand
Architecture, Environment, Urban Planning

A More "Resilient" Houston: What Does That Mean and How Do We Get There?

October 18, 2017
Jose Solis
Housing, Urban Planning, Urbanism

Planning the Houston Way, Part 1: A Tussle over Townhouses at the Planning Commission

September 1, 2017
NuNu Chang