June 9, 2020

At Rice Architecture, we have been following with great anguish the appalling racial injustice manifested not only by the incomprehensible murder of George Floyd, our fellow black Houstonian, but in the absurdity of racial inequality and the pain and anger it continues to inflict on our diverse communities. While words may seem hollow at this grave moment in our nation’s history, we must speak out forcefully, each in our own way, to make a difference. Now more than ever, our collective efforts are needed to overcome the scourge of racial injustice. We hear the voices of despair and must use our architectural and political agency to work for an end to racism. Our hearts go out to the victims and all who are grieving, those we know, faculty, staff, and students, friends and neighbors, and those bravely demonstrating all over the world against this injustice and the many others. Rice Architecture stands solidly behind the worldwide demonstrations demanding change for all people of color. We commit to act decisively and to initiate long-term change in the ways in which we recruit, educate, and foster future generations of architects.