April 2, 2020
Frank Barkow, founder and partner, Barkow Leibinger, Berlin-New York.

Rice Design Alliance is offering a selection of fall and spring lectures for online Learning Units. We are an AIA/CES Registered Provider of quality educational programs, and each lecture is eligible for one AIA/CES Learning Unit. 

After viewing a lecture, fill out the downloadable pdf and submit to RDA for credit. 


Fall 2019 Lecture Series

Barry Bergdoll, "Jean-Jacques Lequeu: The Architectural Imagination in the Age of Reason"

Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena, " Clocks and Clouds"

Maria Lisogorskaya, "Assemble: 3 Places"

Alan Maskin and Blair Payson, "It Reached the End of Its Useful Life ..." 

Kristian Koreman, "City of Permanent Temporality"


Fall 2018 Lecture Series: Sharing

Peggy Deamer, “Lobbying for Architecture”

Jack Self, “Attitude as Form”

John Alschuler, “Innovation Lands in Urbanism: What's Next?”