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Editor’s Note

Cite 67 was guest edited by Lynn M. Herbert. In "Remembering Houston: Seeing the city through the eyes of Bob Bailey," Steven R. Strom writes:

"Eight years ago, when the University of Texas' Center for American History announced it had acquired the Boh Bailey Studios photograph collection, a sigh of despair was heard from Houston's historical research community. And with good reason—few commercial names resonate with Houstomans as much as that of Boh Bailey Studios. The studio began operations in 1929, and in the six plus decades that it was in business, thousands of Houstonians had their portraits taken by Bob Bailey and his brother Marvin, or hired them to shoot their homes, new businesses, civic buildings, l hristmas telebrations, birthday parties, and other events. The Baileys were, in a way, the city's family photographers, and Houstonians lutd hoped to keep their piles of pictures, and with it the memories they evoked, at home."


D.F. Brown; Terrence Doody; Robert Fishman; Lynn M. Herbert; Barry Moore; Susan Rogers; Mitchell J. Shields; Christof Spieler; William F. Stern; Steven H. Strom; and Bruce C. Webb.