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Editor’s Note

Cite 65 was guest edited by Rives T. Taylor. In "Lifestyle Centers Coming (Back) to Houston," Taylor writes:

Like so many customer-driven services in modern America, the shopping district goes through great upheavals every five to seven years, just to keep drawing the affluent customer. Taking keen interest in the upheaval are the creators of the "retail sense of place": the national high-end retailers, their powerful leasing agents, retail developers, and architects. Their associations, the Urban Land Institute and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), continually monitor these shopping trends.

As the Urban Land Institute noted in its 2002 "Place Making" report: "America's changing demographics show a change from mass market standards to niche markets ot lifestyle, from unplanned suburbs to master planned communities, from suburban anonymity to yearning for community, from contemporary to neo-traditional styling, from strip commercial suburban sprawl to compact, highly defined town centers."


Barbara White Bryson; George Dodds; Stephen Fox; Richard C. Haul; Barry Moore; Patrick Peters; Thomas Rusnak; Mitchell J. Shields; Kari Smith; Frederick Steiner; Rives T. Taylor; Bruce C. Webb; Brian Yeoman; and Kayte Young.