Cite 60

Editor’s Note

Cite 60 was guest edited by William F. Stern and Bruce C. Webb. The issue does not include an editors' note and covers a wide range of topics. In his article, "The Surprising Beauty of the Parking Garage," Stern writes:

"Usually we experience parking garages while driving up or down a continuous ramp searching for the nearest unoccupied parking space. These utilitarian structures, formulaic in plan and a modern convenience for our mobile society, can he frustrating as they force us upwards, story after story, in our quest to park. Though the interioi spaces of parking garages tend to he hanal and confusing, their exteriors have from time to rime been treated with a surprising degree of clarity and ingenuity. In fact, a number of Houston parking garages qualify as worthy works of architecture. In those exceptional instances the architects and owners have recognized the impact of these structures nor only on adjacent buildings, hut also on the streets with which rhey align." 


Joel Warren Barna; Thomas Colbert; Terrence Doody; Lisa Gray; W. Mark Gunderson; Paul Hester; Allison Hunter; Lauren Kern; Barry Moore; Christof Spieler; William F. Stern; and Bruce C. Webb.