Cite 55 cover

Editor’s Note

Cite 55 was guest edited by Danny Samuels, William F. Stern, and Bruce Webb. In "RDA Turns 30, Cite Turns 20," Linda Sylvan wrote:

"In 1982, RDA spawned Cite: The Architecture ami Design Review of Houston. The first cover story, "Trading Toilets," explained how limited sewer capacity was stifling development inside the 610 Loop. In the same issue, the magazine — then printed on tabloid-sized newsprint — announced its intention to be "a forum for the presentation and criticism of issues unique to the developing city."


Larry Albert; Lisa Gray; Ben Koush; Barry Moore; Malcolm Quantrill; Robert Reichle; Mitchell J. Shields; William F. Stern; Brad Tyer; Carol Vaughn; and Bruce C Webb.